Leadership Development

Leadership Development

Organisational Development is also Leadership Development…
… and Leadership Development is also Organisational Development.
The integration of leadership development and organisational development is one of the core competences of the frankfurt corporate development group.

Successful change in organisations is directly proportionate to the ability of management to involve teams and other stakeholders in the change process and develop their ability to lead and manage themselves. The development of this conscious ability of self-management is one of the most difficult challenges for management in changing environments.

Agility and flexibility can only succeed when managers adequately balance out these two factors as well as their abilities within them. Only in this way can managers set free the essential resources required for change – energy and responsibility. This is agile leadership in a nutshell.

Leadership culture

Leadership competence

Leadership processes and structures

Only in this triangular concept can one sustainably change leadership as well as leaders. These three elements in their interplay are the basis for our work and the cornerstones of all change management processes.

Our attention in such processes is not therefore primarily on the leader as such but on the whole leadership system.

After a thorough analysis of the current situation we develop together with our clients individual and tailor-made solutions for their needs. We aim here for the common ground generated by horizontal learning in peer-groups and vertical learning in the dialogue of different leadership levels in an organisation with each other.

Formats of Leadership Development

Depending on the specific challenges and their complexity facing each company, we have been able to develop different learning designs over the course of our work in last fifteen years. In these formats leaders learn to take increasing responsibility for developing themselves their content and form.

These formats range, depending on the specific situation of the organisation and its development needs, from strongly theory-oriented on the one hand to experiential on the other. The combination of these two approaches allows the development of an individual and tailor-made landscape of learning which caters both to the individuals and their needs as well as the organisation.

Depending on the Challenge, we develop together with our clients individual packages that allow for sustainable leadership development and learning

Especially when leaders have to act in volatile markets and decision-making situations where responsibility and entrepreneurialism are demanded, they need to learn like intrapreneurs, producing and manging their own learning processes.

We have supported over 20 firms in the last 15 years in their change and leadership development processes. Here we have developed and implemented leadership programmes across the whole organisation. As certified group dynamics coaches and systemic consultants we utilise the here-and-now dynamic inherent in such programmes for experiential learning. This learning has three essential aspects: Skills and abilities, perception and sensibility, attitude and values. Learning about leadership is not cheap, but delivers value for money.

Some examples of Leadership Development from our Experience:

  • Leadership Development All 4 D´s – all leaders of in international chemical and biotechnology company worked at their leadership performance and culture in order to master the challenges of a globalised market.
  • Leadership 2020 – leaders in a lighting firm learn to react to the challenges posed by the paradigm shift to LED technology.
  • Leaders Lab: from consumers to producers of learning. Managers in a German diocese learn to manage their own leadership development process on the way to becoming vicars in large congregations.
  • “Bewildering Diversity: leaders consult leaders” leaders from four separate global companies help each other in leadership questions.
  • “micro-politics: leading in the game of power” a group dynamic training for leaders needing to develop competence the fields of classical leadership, horizontal leadership and leadership bottom-up.
  • “Leadership days in the cloister” managers develop answers to life and work questions in a monastic setting.
  • “Profile and Impact” a group dynamic training for managers wanting to improve their impact in group situations.
  • “The manager as Coach” developing responsibility and results.

We also support leadership development by:

  • Management audits, diagnoses of potential on the basis of strategies (…the original makes no sense to me, see below)
  • Ma­nage­men­tau­dits, Po­ten­tial­dia­gno­sen und -analysen, basierend auf den Stra­te­gi­en
  • the creation of measurement and management tools for leadership development.
  • the development of leadership guidelines
  • the introduction of staff talks and goal-setting systems
  • Team development and leadership teams
  • Team development and virtual teams
  • continual development of the Board of Directors through coaching

For the following issues we offer in-house training and seminars:

  • development of leadership personalities
  • leadership in turbulent times
  • Leading Change: Chan­ge-Ma­nage­ment for managers
  • Team­ coa­ching
  • Management Coaching
  • Leadership workshop
We also work in the field of personality diagnosis and use tried and trusted models and instruments such as MBTI, Golden Profiler of Per­so­na­li­ty, The Profiler or the Belbin model.

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