Transforming your business towards truly agile responsiveness

Why are agile organizations are in the lead?

In the future, digitilization, e-commerce, social media and the Internet of Things IoT will even accelerate the pace of change towards more VUCA. Thus, the central question is, how companies, leadership and staff can find their unique way to remain responsive and capable of still adding value – without resorting to trivialization and over-simplistic answers.

The decisive difference among agile companies in the digital age will be their respective speed, flexibility and customer-orientation on staff and leadership level alike to respond to customer dynamics and needs 

 The term “agility” describes the overall processes, structures and core competencies of companies to stay in the game under VUCA-conditions

What makes an organization truly agile?

The idea of an agile company is a company that is truly customer-centric and oriented totally towards the market. All that happesn within agile companies is derived from customer expectations and added value to customer experiences. Competence in agility is then measured as the speed and versatileness with which an organization is able to respond to custmer needs in uncertain, volatile and complex market situations.

Competitive advantages that come from agility are among others:

  • higher team autonomy to respond to and interact with customers
  • inreasing expertise by co-creation with customers and permeable customer-company relations
  • higher flexibilty by small loops and iterations instead of long and stiff process chains
  • beter team spirit by delegation of authority
  • quicker feedback and learning curves
  • higher loyalty of teams due to a culture of trust, responsibility and commitment.

Get to know your company’s specific challenges towards agility

Agile Transformations are always conceptualized from the customers’ perspective and from the organization’s periphecal sphere where customer value and relation are being created. By this, agilization starts with the teams at the company’s periphery and not form the center. AGile transformations are the opposite of centralized top-down change projects.

“Agile organization are functional when two principles are in good accord: Focus on the outside customers and markets and equally focus on internal structure by which all staff can orientate itsself on all levels towards the clients’ needs” (Gloger, Margetich: Scrum, 2014:17).

To counter and meet the challenges of the increasingly VUCA-worlds around us, agility seems to be the most plausible, usable and effective answer.Yet, Scrum or SAFe-methods by themselves will not lead you to more reliable certainty. Beyond methods and tools, it is the organizational capability to intelligently deal with persistent uncertainty. True agility is the ability and freedom to meaningfully act under extreme uncertain and volatile market conditions.

Therefore, agility is foremost an internal mental and emotional concept of readiness to give up on certainty.

In agile worlds, staff and teams act in self-organized and fully self-responsible units – they become the true center of solutions and success. Leadership changes its role from captain to servant leader that deals with impediments to seamless processes. Leadership provides purpose and orientation, not command or control.

Thus, leadership focus moves froim the three “F”: facts, fear, force, towards the three “R”: Relate (build stable relations), Repeat (learn) and Reframe (foster new thinking).

How do we support your agile transformation?

Most start-ups and IT-companies are already based on digital business models. Our consulting services focus rather on classic or analog companies that haven been successful in the past with traditional functional line organization models. These companies are becoming increasingly under market pressure in VUCA-conditions. We focus on their transformations from old to new work, from functional to agile teams and from line control towrds empowered organizational peripheries.

Our role as transformation consultants is primarily balancing and dynamically re-calibrating the organization between certainty and uncertainty on their transition towards agility. We support you in finding stable and reliable communications as the backbone to effeectiveness in circumstances of constituitive uncertainty.

Communicative competence in highly volatile, complex and uncertain conditions is the key to inner agility and a pre-condition to any outer agile method or framework.

Design and co-realization of agile transformations

We jointly create with your experts a locial step-wise approach ón different organizational levels based on your specific answers to the question of “Why do we want to transform into agility?”

During the realization, we go “all the way” with you and your organization, i.e. supporting individuals, teams and units to cope and master their challenges towrds true agility in a VUCA-world.

Like to learn more on agility and transformation?

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