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frankfurter gruppe wins Acquisition Intl.’s Global Excellence Award

Professional Merger Integration Management

All you need for a seamless merger integration experience

Dynamic Change

 Designing dynamic change processes

Leadership Development: Strengthening leaders in their role models

How can leadership contribute to your corporate development?

Post Merger Integration

How to realize merger synergies from unique value drivers?

frankfurter gruppe: We create leverage
by aligning business challenges
with human needs.


We are …

… a partner-led management consulting firm for corporate development. In over 100 projects since 1998, we have delivered on complex and challenging change projects across industries and sectors.

Our central objective in consulting work is to enable a sustaining corporate development process by building intelligent organizational projects and fostering a lasting competence transfer.

We are Strategic Partner of GPMIP – Global PMI Network – to ensure globale presence in international and crossborder integration and transformation projects.

Your benefit

In your change projects, we support and consult on multiple fields of action – in parallel and well-cordinated. Thus, we can effectfully relate and correspond to the dynamic and complex nature of organizational change processes.

Based on a systemic understanding of organizational reality, long consulting experience and personal management practice, we truly think business and people as one.

You can expect from us

We go with you all the way through the design and execution of your transformation or integration project. How do we do it? Experience and excellence in professional implementation of change projects specifically designed to meet your challenges and expectations.

Companies call us for strategy development and execution, reorganization projects, process optimization, merger integrations and large scale leadership development programmes. frankfurt corporate development group is first choice for corporate development.


Dynamic Change Design

Within your change project, we take the role of systemic process consultants. We design and plan your change project and support you all the way throughout the implementation.

Leadership Development

Based on a detailed analysis of your leadership situation, we design and impelment jointly with your inhouse experts and HR an adequate and individual development program across hierarchy levels and leadership positions.

Digital transformation & agility

The decisive difference among agile companies in the digital age will be their respective speed, flexibility and customer-orientation on staff and leadership level alike to respond to customer dynamics and needs. 

Post Merger Integration

Post merger integration processes have a technical and a cultural aspect that differ in their inert logic, while they depend on each other for integration success.


Reorganizations are a on-top burden for management and all employees and they are not always welcomed. We design jointly with your OD team smart implementaiton concepts and support yu hands-on all the way

Intl. Cooperation

Working together for sustainable change in international situations where both organisations and projects reach their limits.

Our new publication

Post Merger Ma­nage­ment

Companies acquire and merge to generate accelerated value growth.Yet, many deals fail during the integration phase.

Our new book “Post Merger Management” gives hands-on advice and practical insights for a successful merger integration project.

From the table of contents

  • Getting the integration process in focus
  • Planning and implementation
  • Merger potentials and success factors
  • Risk and traps throughout the integration process
  • Practical tools and insights
  • Numerous examples from real cases
  • Best-Prac­tice-examples
  • Tools & check lists



Explore selected reports from our client projects ..

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Certificate program

Merger Integration Management

Certificate program in cooperation with EBS University / Executive Education

In 2023, we will run the 13th consecutive 3-module course of this highly successful certificate program on “Merger Intergation Management”.

The program is designed for general managers and project managers who will be in charge of a complex and demanding integration challenge. You will learn how to do it right – planning, methods, blueprint, playbook, Day 1, implementation and synergy realization …

Attendees will be awared with a Certificate “Merger Integration Professional”.

New dates:

Module 1: 23.-25.03.2023
Module 2: 27.-29.04.2023
Module 3: 29.06.-01.07.2023


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Dr. Christoph Rohloff

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New book on Post-Merger Integration

New book on Post-Merger Integration

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Getting started with post-merger integration

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