The Pressure of Permanent Change

The permanent change of processes and structures as a reaction to the change in markets, competition and technology is a constant challenge for companies. In order not to lose performance momentum it is crucial for the organisation to react properly to the permanent pressure for change in order to secure the future of the organisation.

There is no one-size-fits all structure for an organisation. The permanent struggle of an organisation is to find the right structure for the moment, the best and most efficient processes that fit.

Two factors are especially relevant here: the right tools for the adjustment as well as designing processes to increase the acceptance of such changes within the organisation. This on its own is sufficient cause to plan reorganisation carefully and ensure capacities for its implementation before one embarks on such a journey.

How we support our clients during reorganisation

During reorganisation, we are there for our clients throughout the duration of the journey, especially during the turbulent and challenging times such as the start but also the difficult process of developing new structures and supporting them in their development until they become robust and productive in their new form.

  • how do we ensure that change energy can come arise?
  • Which issues and themes are important for the staff here and how can we organise successful communication channels about the change?
  • How ready are managers and their staff for the proposed change?
  • What is the difference between leading change and leading on a day-to-day basis?
  • When should I communicate what to my team? When are large-group events appropriate?
  • How can I organise an effective change project that can absorb and assimilate the diverse reactions of the organisation to the change and respond intelligently to them?
  • How can I time the reorganisation? What needs to be accelerated and what needs more time? What is mandatory and what is desirable?

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