International Cooperation

International Cooperation Consulting

“Working together for sustainable change in international situations where both organisations and projects reach their limits”

Improving governance in Honduras, creating a better environment for small and medium-sized companies in India, creating an world-wide alliance of central bankers to enable the financial inclusion of the poorest and most needy, greening commercial bond markets or creating and disseminating best practice amongst emerging market multinational companies – just some of the challenges the world faces in trying to achieve a sustainable and fair world that can rise to the challenges of the 21st Century as it unfolds.

Working in international cooperation situations does not just require inter-cultural and linguistic qualifications, but rather demands a whole new way of working. It is not possible to import wholesale the techniques and tools of commercial management consultancy, for the hierarchical glue provided by classical organisations is just not present.

The challenges of international cooperation are so large and complex (sustainable societal change) that no one organisation can deliver it. This means that coalitions of actors (individuals, organisations from the governmental, civil society as well as the private sector), networks and political systems must come together in a way that allows such a diverse group to move together towards consensus on issues of crucial importance to the future of the country, region and indeed world.

Supporting these societal projects as they lay the groundwork for the future, helping them find and implement strategies acceptable to all, assisting them in the definition and maintenance of project structures and processes that enable the future to take place is the role of the frankfurt corporate development group.

Our consultancy focus includes:

  • Project Evaluation and Feasibility Studies – assessing the viability or the success of project approaches
  • Consultancy and Support in Project Implementation – capacity assessment and capacity development strategies, strategy development and implementation, monitoring and evaluation, project and personal coaching, support for the operationalisation of Capacity WORKS
  • Training – senior management development, strategy and Capacity WORKS training, project and personal coaching
  • Concept and Methodology Development – major contributions to the development of the GIZ’s Capacity WORKS, Capacity Assessment, long and short-term training courses and modules as well as development of academic concepts.

Sectors in which we have worked in the last five years include:

  • International sector and global projects
  • Health
  • Governance, Democracy and Decentralisation
  • Regional Organisations (Mekong River Commission, Africa Union, ASEAN, IGAD, SADC)
  • Private Sector (including SME and SMME)
  • Financial Sector Development
  • Rule of Law and Criminal Justice
  • Natural Resources
  • Education and TVET
  • Trade Development
  • Climate and Energy

Regions in which we work:

  • World-Wide networks and project approaches
  • South and South East Asia – India, Pakistan, Vietnam, China, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia and Laos
  • Africa and the Middle East – the Palestinian Territories, Iran, Qatar, Egypt, Botswana, South Africa, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Tanzania
  • Europe – Germany, Turkey, UK, Albania, Bulgaria, Russia
  • Latin America – Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Guatemala, Nicaragua and El Salvador

Clients include:

  • The Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH
  • The German Federal Ministry for International Cooperation and Economic Development (BMZ)
  • The German Development Bank (KfW)
  • The World Bank (WB)
  • The Asian Development Bank (ADB)
Short Project Sketches

Country/Client: Content: Activities:
India – GIZ Support to the Forestry Sector in Himachal Pradesh ·  Project Management ·  Strategy Development and Implementation ·  Coaching ·  Monitoring and Evaluation ·  Capacity Development
Germany – BMZ Country Strategies in Central Asia, eastern Europe ·  Design and Moderation of workshop series for strategy development
Southern Africa – SADC Trade and Development in SADC member states ·  Strategy Development and Implementation
Emergency Relief – GIZ Strategy Development ·  Development of a strategy for organisational unit
India – GIZ Slum Upgrading ·  Design and implementation of a monitoring and evaluation system for a project
Indonesia – GIZ Training ·  Training of project staff and support in the use and implementation of Capacity WORKS
Vietnam – GIZ Regional Technical and Vocational Education Platform ·  Strategy development, implementation ·  Operational planning and monitoring of a regional platform for capacity development in the TVET sector
Worldwide – GIZ Emerging Markets Sustainability Dialogues ·  End of project review
Germany – GIZ Commission Management Course ·  Conception and re-design of the central commission management course of the GIZ (17,000 employees) for worldwide implementation.


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