Change Management

Change Management

When clients come to us their needs and challenges as individual and unique as them and their organisations. Organisations and their environments are unique in their potential and the challenges they pose.

One common factor in all this is, however, the complexity that forbids trivial strategies and received wisdom.

Clients seek our help when they:

  • need to develop new organisations and business models and implement reorganisation processes.
  • wish to strengthen entreprenuerial thinking and behaviour on all ölevels of management.
  • need to develop new strategies and anchor them in their organisations.
  • want to initiate the next steps on the way to becoming an agile organisation.
  • want to optimise their business processes, or,
  • want to build energetic transformation processes.

Common to all these transformation processes is that organisations are confronted with contradictions and dilemmas. For us, these contradictions and dilemmas are ‘growth pains’  on the way to developing the new and not unnecessary irritations that prevent organisations from reaching their goals.

 „Conflict is growth trying to happen“ (Harville Hendrix)

Support on the Way into the Unknown

We develop together with you your individual change architecture that improves the probability of the acceptance of change and reflects the complexity of the undertaking.

Our concept of Change Management combines the craft of instruments and formats with a systemic understanding of organisations as well as the ability to shape socially dynamic processes. Such processes are ignored at their peril as they provide explosive material that has derailed many change processes in the past.

Effective interventions in this area as part of a deliberate change architecture provide room for negotiation and discussion as well as decision-making that support leadership through personal as well as collective growth.

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