Implementing strategy

Implementing strategy

Companies that design their strategy processes in a flexible way and ensure they are communicated quickly in the organisation – even in economically difficult times – are the winners.

Together with our clients we ensure that the strategy cascades to the level of individual goal-setting and operations. In this way strategy focuses the activities in the organisation, motivate, orientate and are able to be assessed in terms of their impact.

Intelligent strategy development means especially:

  • developing flexible scenarios that can be iteratively improved and adapted to new and changed framework conditions
  • developing more networked thinking across corporate boundaries instead of “us-against-them” attitudes
  • developing classical business models in an audacious and radical fashion instead of incrementally and conservatively
  • bringing organisational and customer knowledge into the strategy process in the sense of Norton and Kaplan’s strategy-focused organisation, as well as
  • developing increasingly agile processes and structures, i.e. allowing independence and initiative in conjunction with centrally-issued strategic directives.

Especially considering the challenges of digitalisation and disruptive new business models we help you to develop concrete strategies broken down to all levels of the organisation to bring them to life.

This is how we strengthen the effectiveness of your strategy

  • strengthening the company-wide strategy process at all levels of hierarchy
  • organising strategy workshops for senior management (managing director, business unit manager etc.)
  • developing and implementing a communications concept for the strategy process
  • designing and implementing large-group events for strategy validation and communication
  • coordinating the strategy process with the corporate planning process
  • designing and delivering strategy workshops at business unit level
  • analysing and improving personnel systems in order to improve their fit to the strategy process
  • designing and implementing a key performance indicator system such as Balanced Scorecard to check impact and act as an early warning system.
  • develop and introduce an individual goal-setting system linked to the strategy process.

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